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Xem Nhiều 5/2023 # Uyen Thy’s Cooking – Food Vannet # Top 9 Trend

Cập nhật thông tin chi tiết về Uyen Thy’s Cooking – Food Vannet mới nhất trên website Bothankankanhatban.com. Hy vọng nội dung bài viết sẽ đáp ứng được nhu cầu của bạn, chúng tôi sẽ thường xuyên cập nhật mới nội dung để bạn nhận được thông tin nhanh chóng và chính xác nhất.


Cooking cooking cooking Vietnamese food, is it hard? Not really as long as you don’t give up when you burn your dishes. Also, you don’t need a lot ingredients like most other cuisines; the basic ingredients are salt, sugar, fish sauce,… In this post you will see one of Vietnamese lady shows how making a Vietnamese dish as so simple. Most of her food is made from scratch in which salt, sugar and fish sauce as the base ingredients.  Some of her videos shows how to make snack like peanut butter candy, ginger candy/jam,…  Anyway, go to one of the following link to see how she prepare the food.

Bep Nha Ta Nau – Uyen Thy’s Cooking

Here is the list which is retrieved by one of our user, ilovevietnamesefood, of her popular dishes:

Vietnamese beef meatballs, Vietnamese ham, Vietnamese baguette bread, Vietnamese sandwich, Vietnamese pork ham, Vietnamese noodle soup, rice wine ball, Vietnamese meatball sandwich, caramel flan, duck hot pot with bean curd, sour shrimp pickle.

coming soon!


What else you could find in Uyen Thy’s Cooking Show?

How to make “Banh Bot Loc”, How to make “Banh Bao Hap” – Steam Buns, How to make “Banh Bo Chien”, How to make “Banh Bao” – Buns, How to make “Banh Canh Cua” – Crab Udon, How to make “Banh It Ram”, How to make “Banh Pateso”, How to make “Caramel Flan Recipe”, How to make “Che Dau Trang va Che Bap” –  Beans & Corn Sweet Desserts, How to make “Che Khoai Mon”, How to make “Che Thai”, How to make “Suong Sa Hat Luu”, How to make “Banh Duc Tom Chay”, How to make “Banh Deo Trung Thu” – Moon Cakes

How to make “Banh Day Dau”, How to make “Banh Cong va Banh Tom Chien”, How to make “Banh Chuoi Hap” – Thai Banana “Icream/Blue Java” Steam Cakes, How to make “Banh Canh Gio Heo Chi Mo” – Pig Leg Udon Soup, How to make “Apple Pork Roast”, How to make “Artic Surt Clams Recipe”, How to make “Banh Almond Cookies”, How to make “Banh Bia Sau Rieng” –  Durian Cakes, How to make “Banh Bo Nuong”, How to make “Banh Brownie Cookies”, How to make “Banh Cam Recipe”, How to make “Banh Mi Thit Nguoi Mayonay”

How to make “Cha Lua Vietnamese Ham”, How to make “Vietnamese Baguette Banh Mi”, How to make “Pho Ap Chao Chay” – Vegetarian Beef Noodle Soup (Pho), How to make “Banh Gan”, How to make “Vit Quay” – Barbecue Duck, How to make “Bun Moc”, How to make “Che Thai”, How to make “Ga Hap Cai Be Xanh” – Steam Chicken with Pok Choy, How to make “Bun Bo Hue” – Pork & Beef Noodle Soup, How to make …

Keywords help finding more information about her cooking show:

Vao Bep 5 Phut Voi Uyen Thy

Uyen Thy’s Cooking

Bep Nha Ta Nau

Other places which you could find more about “Uyen Thy’s Cooking – Bếp Nhà Ta Nấu” (Vietnamese Cooking Video “Uyen Thy’s Cooking”) cooking show:

videonauan.cookinguy.com/recipe-2 (password: ut12345)

foodnetbay.com/category/cooking-video/vietnamese-cooking-videos/uyen-thys-cooking-shows shownauan.cookinguy.com/bep-nha-ta-nau cookinguy.com/shownauan/bep-nha-ta-nau cookingbank.com/bep-nha-ta-nau

About her career, everyone is known, currently, she is owner of couple eatery businesses in California, USA and SBTN TV’s celerity chef of “Bep Nha Ta Nau” cooking show. How about other stuffs related to her like her family status which many people wonder. Here are what we’ve known from her cooking videos. Yes! she’s married woman and has 4 grown up children; we believe that she has 3 sons and 1 daughter (youngest) and the youngest is in college and the oldest just married couple years ago. www.cookingbank.com/cup-cake-uyen-thys-cooking www.cookingbank.com/bo-tai-chanh-uyen-thys-cooking

The above information as published on: Aug 22, 2014 at 18:09.


Wow, Ms. Uyen Thy is completely makeover recently.  Outfit with multiple difference colors make people getting less bore to watch her cooking show.  She has many changes since she remarried from outfit, talking, cooking style,…  Some people said they love her old way style than because that was kinds of natural acts than her recently acts.  She recently cooks more everyday food style, but anyway, that’s great as long she contributes more cooking show to her fans.

We just also found another channel which is belong to Uyen Thy.  This one is different from other channels which are usually taken at least 20 minutes; however, with this channel, she shows each dish only 5 minutes long.  It’s not so bad.  She named the channel is “5 Phut Vao Bep Voi Uyen Thy”.

Here is the link to see her 5 Phut Vao Bep Voi Uyen Thy, cookingbank.com/5-phut-vao-bep-voi-uyen-thy.

To see other Uyen Thy’s cooking, go to http://cookingbank.com/tag/uyen-thys-cooking/.

To see her cooking show “Bep Nha Ta Nau”, go to cookingbank.com/bep-nha-ta-nau.

If you want to cook everyday Vietnamese food, then you should see VN Food – Taste of SVA views 1.4k – shows to people his/her family everyday food including cooking steps by steps…

***Original article was written on March 31, 2015 at 2:45 A.M by FoodLover.


As today, she has 1,338 subscribers and 566,588 video views.  That’s from “5 Phut Vao Bep Voi Uyen Thy” channel only.  Top five popular video in this channel are Banh Trang Tron, Ech Xao Xa Ot, Muc Xao Xa Ot and Oc Xao Xa Ot, Bun Ca and Canh Ga Nuong Cam.  All are yummy.  (Latest updated March 9, 2016)

Somehow, all of her cooking video in her YouTube “5 Phut Vao Bep Voi Uyen Thy” account are no longer there. At right now, we don’t know what happened. (Updated 4/22/2016)

As today (July 22, 2016), Because we see it’s not necessary to keep two posts about one person, we merged two posts of Uyen Thy’s Cooking into one.

Xuan Hong’s Cooking – Food Vannet


Xuan Hong is another Vietnamese lady who has cooking show which is aired every week on one of Vietnamese television network in San Francisco, California. She is also a owner of a restaurant specialized Vietnamese cuisine and what is the name? Ummm, let’s us try remembering… uuuummmm… ohhhhh hhhh h, its name is Nha Trang Restaurant. As in her cooking show she mentioned about her cosmetic line too, but we’re unable to remember its name; we’ll let you know when we back next time.

Lua Hong – Xuan Hong’s Cooking

Some of cooking videos she has done which many people love them:

Cake: Banh Chuoi Nuong; Sandwich: Banh Mi Thit Nguoi; Wine: Com Ruou Mien Nam,Com Ruou Mien Bac; Meatloaf: Cha Lua Chay; Vegetarian (Rice Soup): Chao Long Chay; Fried:Chim Cut Chien Bo; Dessert:Che Khoai Mon, Che Dau Van, Che Khoai Mon, Che Tao Xon; Stir-Fried…: De Xao Lan; Cake (Ice Cream Banana/Blue Java):Banh Chuoi Hap; Yogurt Vietnam; Liverwurst: Pate Gan;

Vietnamese New Year Cake: Banh Chung; Xoi Vo; Fried (Bird, Butter): Chim Cut Chien Bo; Bake (Ice Cream Banana + Sticky Rice): Chuoi Cuon Nep Nuong; Poultry (Chicken + Ginger +): Ga Ram Gung; Vegetarian (): Kho Chay Thap Cam; Fish: Ca Nuc Kho Mang; Meat (Pork):Gio Heo Gia Cay; Vegetarian (Jackfruit Pickle): Goi Mit Chay; Fried Shrimp:Tom Rang Muoi;

Xoi Sau Rien, Xoi Nep Than; Stir-Fried Noodle:Mi Xao Don Chay; Roasted Beef: Roast Beef Tenderloin; Clam Chowder Soup:Soup Clam Chowder; Salad: Salsa and Chips; Halloween Snack: Halloween Dip; Preserved Fish:Mam Ca Loc; Vegetarian (Beef Noodle):Pho Bo Chay; Fried (Chicken Wings): Canh Ga Rang Muoi; Vegetarian (Beef Stew): Bo Kho Chay; Dessert (Corn): Che Bap; Fish + Pineapple: Ca Ngu Kho Khom;

About her personal life?  Sorry, we don’t know anything except we saw her adorable baby girl in one of her cooking video; she introduced that her daughter.  We think that cooking video about how to make Halloween cookies.  She’s so cute.

Lua Hong Cooking Show cooking__.com/vao-bep-voi-xuan-hong foodnet__.com/category/cooking-video/vietnamese-cooking-videos/xuan-hongs-cooking-shows

Have you tried her recipes yet?  Please let us know so we can share with others.  We tried couples of them, it’s not so bad.  We’re going try some more soon!

As we mentioned above, she has an adorable little baby girl, we just fortunately get that video so we share with you. cooking__.com/halloween-cookies-xuan-hong cooking__.com/spaghetti-for-halloween-xuan-hong cooking__.com/chicken-tender-ga-chien-don-xuan-hong

Actually, she has 2 children. www.cooking__.com/banh-pumpkin-xuan-hong


Here are the image of her best dishes by 8/29/2015.

Let talking a little bit about Xuan Hong recently.

After taking a break (3 months), she was back last month with video recipe “Banh Da Lon Nhan Khoai Mon – Xuan Hong” which was published on Jan 29, 2015.  We mean YT uploading by tdmaison.  She seam has a little changing especially her talking.  Last video before she took a break is “Com Tau Hu Dut Lo – Xuan Hong” which was published on Oct 15, 2014.

After watching these two videos again, we noticed a big changing but anyway everybody kinds a happy she is back.  We can see it through the number of her cooking videos’ views.  The views is increased rapidly; we believe so; for example, “Com Tau Hu Dut Lo – Xuan Hong” has 14,745 views in 4 months, “Banh Da Lon Nhan Khoai Mon – Xuan Hong” has 16,163 views in 1 month, and, recently, “Suon Hap Tau Xi – Xuan Hong” has 1,103 views in 2 days.  It’s not so bad after taking a break.

Here are some of her recent videos which have many views:

Kim Chi Cu Cai, Canh Ga Chien Nuoc Mam, Xoi Vi, Cha Ca, Com Tam Bi Cha, Ca Ri Ga, Banh Bong Lan Man, Banh Bong Lan Hap, Gio Hoa Ngu Sac, Miên Xao Cua, Banh Da Lon Nhan Khoai Mon

Actually these are best views this year (2015) so far.

To see Xuan Hong’s cooking videos, go to cooking__.com/category/vietnamese/lua-hong-cooking-show.

To see cooking show “Lua Hong” latest cooking video, go to http://www.cooking__.com/vao-bep-voi-xuan-hong.

By the end of 2015 (Luna Calendar), some of her cooking video is removed from YT but these recipes were made and sold at her restaurant.


Updated 5/15/2016, she haven’t have any new cooking video yet.  Her latest clip was Thit Do.

As of July 21, 2016, we merged two posts into one because we see it’s not necessary keep in 2 posts.

Banh Kep La Dua Uyen Thy S Cooking Vietnamese Recipes

Banh Kep La Dua Uyen Thy S Cooking

Bekijk banh kep la dua uyen thy’s cooking viettrinh op dailymotion. zoek. bibliotheek. inloggen. banh bot loc vietnamese ravioli uyen thy’s cooking. viettrinh. 24:59. banh cam recipe uyen thy’s cooking. viettrinh. 5:54. uyen thys cooking express bánh tầm khoai mì. Vietnamese coconut pandan waffles (banh kep la dua) are made with a combination of all purpose flour, tapioca starch, baking powder, sugar, coconut milk and, of course, pandan extract. pandan is the vanilla of southeast asia and is what gives these vietnamese waffles their iconic green color and wonderful aroma. Coconut and pandan waffles aka banh kep la dua in viet nam. it’s a delicious and an easy to make snack. i have been very successful with all your recipes. but this banh kep la dua, i can’t find the instructions… please help if you can. leave a reply. the beth kitchen “cooking is fun and very creative”. my passion for cooking is. 3 avr. 2013 enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on . These pandan waffles (banh kep la dua) are far from ordinary! made from a batter using creamy coconut milk and fragrant pandan flavoring, the waffles are cooked until golden brown. they are deliciously crispy on the outside, soft and slightly chewy on the inside and perfectly sweet. give this recipe a try!.

Banh Kep La Dua Uyen Thy S Cooking Youtube

Bekijk banh cam recipe uyen thy’s cooking viettrinh op dailymotion. Món ngon mới với uyên thy kỳ này sẽ giới thiệu đến quý khán giả một món ăn mới. Đó là bánh lá dứa hấp khuôn. món ăn này dễ làm và mang lại một sự. Coconut pandan waffles recipe banh kep la dua duration: 3:21. helen’s recipes (vietnamese food) 400,727 views. 3:21. banh kep la dua uyen thy’s cooking duration:. 2tbsp dessicated coconut flakes the hardest and very quick part of this flan is caramelizing sugar add the sugar for caramel with half cup of water, heat this sugar over a medium low until the sugar gets dissolved, then turn the heat to medium high, keep stirring, once the sugar start boiling and thickening keep an eye over the mixture once it becomes a frothy & dark brown mixture, take the. Thông tin sản phẩm . bánh sò kẹp dứa thái lan bỏ sỉ. bánh sò kẹp mứt dứa là sản phẩm xách tay cao cấp từ thái lan bánh được làm thủ công từ những nhà nghề làm bánh handmade lâu năm tại thái lan với thành phần bột lúa mì, mứt dứa, đường, bơ, dầu cọ. với công thức gia truyền nhiều đời, bánh sò kẹp.

Banh Kep La Dua Uyen Thy’s Cooking

Pandan is a floral green grass abundantly used in vietnamese cooking and has a striking green color when blended. it has a unique fragrant and herby flavor that is subtly sweet and almost vanilla like. pandan waffles (adapted from uyen thy’s banh kep la dua recipe) makes approx. 3 belgian sized waffles. ingredients: 2 eggs; 4 to 5 tbls. Vietnamese sauteed prawns in roe sauce (tom kho tau gach do) is a quick traditional home cooking recipe that is sure to delight. it’s a sweet, savory and a beautifully presented dish that goes wonderfully with steamed rice. the best part of this dish is that everything, from start to finish, takes about 30 minutes. Uyen thy’s cooking banh cam recipe. uyen thy’s cooking banh chocolate chip cookies. uyen thy’s cooking xoi la dua. uyen thy’s cooking com ruou mien nam. uyen thy’s cooking caramel flan recipe. uyen thy’s cooking vietnamese yogurt. uyen thy’s cooking dessert yogurt fruits cake. uyen thy’s cooking cup cake part 1. Bahn kep la dua (viet green waffles) ingredients: 7 eggs. 175 gr sugar. 180 gr flour . 3 4 cup thick coconut milk. 1 4 teaspoon of salt (to taste) 3 teaspoon suji extract . green food coloring (or pandan or screwpine essence) directions: boil the coconut milk, salt and suji extract on low heat. set aside to cool until needed. Traditionally, vietnamese shrimps on sugarcane sticks are made by using a mortal pestle. i made this recipe with the help of a food processor to speed up the process. to make it a little chewy, pulse a few times until a coarse paste is formed. also cornstarch acts as a thickening agent so when we fry, the paste stays together.

Cach Lam Pizza Uyen Thy

Searching for Cach Lam Pizza Uyen Thy information? You are in the right place. At chúng tôi you can find everything you want to know about Cach Lam Pizza Uyen Thy. And of cause you can order a tasty pizza! So find info and order pizza online!

Banh Mi Xiu Mai – Vietnamese Meatball Sandwich – Uyen Thy …


Jan 12, 2012 · 11-8-2010 Uyen Thy’s Cooking – Vietnamese Meatball Sandwich Banh Mi Xiu Mai.

Cách Làm Bánh Pizza Ngon, Đơn Giản Tại Nhà – Làm Đế Bánh …


Jan 04, 2018 · Cách tự làm bánh pizza tại nhà ngon không thua ngoài hàng, đơn giản, sạch và hợp khẩu vị của gia đình. Mình làm theo cách đơn giản, không cầu kỳ, nhưng …Author: Bếp Độc Thân

Pho Ap Chao Chay – Uyen Thy’s Cooking – YouTube


Jan 02, 2012 · 12-27-2010 Uyen Thy’s Cooking – Pho Ap Chao Chay. Cách làm món Phở Áp Chảo thật ngon cùng Chef Toan How to make Pan fried Pho noodle – …

Pizzas 5 kieu – Caathy Ha’s Cooking Express – YouTube


Mar 13, 2012 · Pizzas 5 kieu – Caathy Ha’s Cooking Express. Cách Làm BÁNH ƯỚT BÁNH CUỐN Bằng Bánh Tráng VN Không Cần Pha Bột Hay Tráng Chảo -Steamed Rice Rolls – Duration: 14:45. KT Food …Author: nauanvideo

Cách làm vỏ bánh Pizza đơn giản mà ngon Pizza Dough …


Jun 26, 2014 · cách làm bánh pizza, cach lam banh pizza, hoc lam banh pizza, cách làm bánh pizza đơn giản, cách làm đế bánh pizza, cách làm bánh pizza ngon, công thức làm bánh pizza.Author: Bánh Ngon

Cách làm bánh giò ngon như hướng dẫn của Uyên Thy món …


CÔNG THỨC MÓN NGON KHÁC cách làm sinh tố dứa xoài chuối cách làm sinh tố đu đủ cach lam sua chua cách làm nộm sứa ngon Cách làm pizza hải sản không cần lò nướng bằng chảo hoặc nồi cơm điện đơn giản nhất cách làm bánh flan nướng từ sữa tươi và trứng không tanh và rỗ mặt rất ngon Cách làm bánh flan hấp ngon …

Cách làm dưa món giòn ngon và đậm đà hương vị ngày Tết …


Dưa món là một món ăn có thể cất giữ trong khoảng thời gian dài, cũng như hương vị thơm ngon, đặc trưng mà nó được xem là món ăn phổ biến và dân dã của người dân trong ngày những ngày Tết cổ truyền. Để có một hũ dưa món giòn ngon và đậm đà hương vị …

Hướng dẫn cách làm bánh flan ngon nhất, đơn giản tại nhà


Công thức làm bánh flan, hướng dẫn cách làm bánh flan ngon ngất, đơn giản tại nhà với nhiều hương vị, hình dáng khác nhau cho bạn chọn lựa.

Cách làm sốt cà chua kiểu Ý cho Pizza/ Pasta


Uyen Thy’s cooking


VN Howto – Exotic Bistro – French Baguette – Pizza Baguette – Poly Institute – WTV Tube – WTV Box. Uyen Thy’s cooking. … Uyen Thy’s Cooking – Cá Nục NaUy Nướng Giấy Bạc Runtime 22:42 View count 4,679. Title Uyen Thy’s Cooking – Macha Milk Tea Runtime 24:41 View count 21,459.

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